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Damiano Floresta
Damiano Floresta
(619) 798-8081
Milan Soccer Camp
Academic Excellence Award
UDRB Unión Deportiva Las Rozas - Boadilla
Dear Coach,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Damiano Floresta, born in Sassuolo, Italy, on May 17 2001. I am seventeen years old. I have been a soccer player since the age of six, with a good record of achievement, both at an individual and team base.

As a soccer player, I can define myself as someone who has great individual technique, coordination and ability to use both feet. One of my strengths is my "peripheral vision", which allows me to play well for the rest of the team.

In addition, I was one of the players who took part in the Movistar Inter Futsal Club (Cadete A team), that achieved the second place in Monte Silvano International Tournament (Italy). While there, I was called to participate in the Futsal Team to represent the Community of Madrid Futsal Team.

I've done a trial period at the Getafe CF, and we won the Boadilla Tournament. The tryouts were successful, but unfortunately I could not play in this Club because it was very far from home. I also had the opportunity to train with Rayo Maladahonda Club, but I could not continue there because of schedule reasons.
In Argentina, I played soccer at Vélez Sarsfield Club. Besides, I practiced Futsal with a great performance in River Plate and in San Lorenzo de Almagro Clubs.

I have always been a responsible student, and take my school matters very seriously.

Regarding the Academic aspect, I have been a successful student, very responsible with school matters and always striving to do my best.
This can be seen by my current High School GPA of 9.03 Spanish Average (equivalent to 3.82 US GPA) and I have always been in the top 1% of my class.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration,
Sincerely, Firma Damiano Floresta
Movistar Inter
Adidas #BeTheDifference
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